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  • Criminals Are Clever and Sneaky so Keep Your Eyes Open
    Criminals are clever and sneaky so keep your eyes open
    Crime doesn’t always have to happen during the night time, in dark shades of hostile neighborhood. In fact, it can very much happen during a beautiful sunny day, at the crowded place full of potent ...
  • Avoid Unnecessary Fights
    Avoid unnecessary fights
    The most effective self defense skill is not to be there, where the attack is happening. Being able to avoid violent situations then becomes a fundamental skill of effective self protection. This is ...
  • 4 Behavioral Patterns to Look For When Walking the Street
    4 behavioral patterns to look for when walking the street
    Can you read the messages people send you through their behavior? Their posture, gestures, mimic and even relation to the environment they are at can tell you that something is about to go down! ...
  • What You Ought to Know About Situational Awareness
    What you ought to know about situational awareness
    Criminals love people who don’t pay attention to what is happening around them, because they represent a very easy prey to hunt. Don’t fall victim to greedy jackasses, learn more about situationa ...
  • 3 Great Situational Awareness Decision Making Concepts
    3 great situational awareness decision making concepts
    Being aware doesn’t only mean that you see things. Being aware means that you have seen, heard, felt or somehow else perceived what happens around you, analyzed that perception, consciously or unco ...
  • 5 Easy Exercises That Will Help You to Improve Your Situational Awareness
    5 easy exercises that will help you to improve your situational awareness
    Do you want to get better in seeing things before they even happen and be able to avoid bad situations? Then you need to know how to train your situational awareness skills and understand that it isn ...
  • How to Avoid Being Chosen by a Criminal
    How to avoid being chosen by a criminal
    I am going to cover how you can prevent yourself from being picked by criminals as their possible victim. You will learn that you need to reprogram your mindset and start using fears of criminals agai ...
  • How to Use Mobile Phone for Self Protection
    How to use mobile phone for self protection
    Mobile phone is one of the most common devices on planet earth. A device made for people to communicate; to call someone. May be, to call for help. Lets discuss the ways how you can use the mobile to ...
  • What are Improvised Weapons
    What are improvised weapons
    When training self-defense, people very often forget to spend time practicing the possibilities of using present surroundings to their advantage. Namely; how to develop skills to identify and effectiv ...
  • How to Deal With People on the Streets
    How to deal with people on the streets
    Would you know how to deal with people that approach you on the streets? How to interact with them? Who’s good; who’s bad? Who means you no good and who is just a regular person asking for a favor ...

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