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Use the Power of Your Voice - Part 2.

The power of voice is not only in the amount of decibels you are able to spit out of your lungs, but also in creating a tactical advantage for you by attacking mindset line of your opponents.

In your training, you and your students must be heard. In the world of self-defense, the voice is a very useful and sadly often neglected tool.

In the previous article I mentioned the power of assertive and violent bitch out along with using commands.

In this article I would like to cover a tactic that one of my friends introduced to me and which I found to be very effective when dealing with people who “talk”.

When the time is right, effective self-defense tactic could be as simple as asking a question:


If your opponent gives you enough time and space to do so (meaning he lets you assume a non-aggressive stance and doesn’t attack you right away), then you have a great chance of surprising him with a solid knockout question.

One of the principles behind this is you are forcing an assailant to change his line of mindset. Instead of thinking about ripping you off, the question figuratively forces him to switch to another line.

As simple as this sounds, it actually is a powerful thing as it can even take the fight from the guy.

I remember Tony Blauer mentioning a story of one of his student’s where he stops a bunch of bikers from raping his girlfriend by placing a question that attacked their mindset and created a sense of empathy.

You can hear it on his audio CD : Cerebral Self Defense Mental Edge. Go get it; it’s worth it.


In our case we are using this effect to make the assailant vulnerable. Lowering his awareness and creating a very small time gap for us to counter attack.

I usually accompany my question with turning my rare (weapon hand’s) palm up, creating a natural, non-verbal sign of asking something – subconsciously stimulating attacker’s brain even more – setting up a hook for my self.

This not only loads me up for the knockout hit but it functions as a brain switch. A switch that, after is on, sets up my own mindset and gives me no other option than smacking the sh!t out of the one standing in front of me.

When I’m switched - there is no way back.

Once I turn my palm up, it is decided for me. I am shooting the fastest, strongest and most vicious palm strike in to this man’s face – nothing else matters.

One second and I strike. Train also to follow up with whatever it takes to put the person down so you don’t stop after just one blow. Go with three strikes at least.

Sometimes it can happen that they actually try to respond to the question you have asked, so you have a chance of hitting them to an open mouth, adding more effect to your strike… CHRISTMASS!!

To sum it all up – by asking a question, you have created a small gap in the scenario that allowed you to deliver an effective preemptive strike before you have been even touched.

Here is some example from Lee Morrison about being preemptive:

To learn more from Lee Morrison, you can go to:

Again - if you like it, you have to train it. Pressure test it and master it. Get familiar with the process and learn how to execute really strong palm strike or a slap from the palm up position.

Train it, put it all together and add it to your arsenal. It is going to blow your opponent’s mind. You can get really creative and play with the way of asking. Be loud, be mad, be violent, be silent… be effective.

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