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Use the Power of Your Voice - Part 1.

Tools in self-defense world toolbox doesn’t cover only knives, guns, boxers and batons, but all the things we can use to our advantage against our opponents. One of such tools is for example your voice. It can help to beef you up and even prevent an opponent from attacking.

People! You need to start using your voice. Start talking, yelling and giving orders. Be assertive, mean it and be heard.

Utilizing voice into your training drills and adding it as a tool to your self-defense arsenal can help you get out of lots of troublesome situations.

The voice may be used in many different ways and in most of the time is its effective application based on proper situational awareness and combat attitude.

You can yell out what is happening to you, call a police or even put a scumbag back to his place and stop him from advancing.

I bet everyone is now thinking “Soooo, you mean like I have to yell at the guy?” so I’m gonna start with that one.

Yelling and shouting

By the way, you are right. Shouting at an attacker can play a great deal in ending the situation. But it can’t be just some random sh!t. It has to be the “right” shout.

First of all and above else is - attitude. You have to mean what you say. If you make a promise, you have to look like you are ready to do that stuff. People must believe you, otherwise you are just another whining food to them. Those guys have their BullShit-meter highly evolved.

Start with an order. Like one you’d give to a willful dog. Sit! Stop! etc.

Remember – mostly it is not what you say, it is how you say it. Which brings me to another point – use your manly deep voice. Why? Two main reasons.

On the other hand, if you add bass to your speech, people will try to listen and it will seem to them like you are the one in control.

Next thing is – intimidate. Once you have the proper tone to it, add some more wood to the fire in your opponent’s pants by making the content really intimidating, piercing and unexpected.

Here is one tip though: Try to avoid words that could in a stressful situation make your voice tone jump from deep to high. It happens for example with words containing “ea” in them. Like “beat” or “really” etc.

Take a look at this video of Lee Morrison for better understanding of shouting voice topic.

To learn more from Lee Morrison, you can go to:

Did you hear what he said? “Back the FUCK up!”, “Don't touch me!” How cool is that? He didn’t have a knife in his hands but he points out that he might have one somewhere, and he is ready to use it. Was he intimidating? Did you believe he would do it? And what about his voice tone?

Watch the video again and try to come up with some other sentences that you think would intimidate your opponent. Then try them out. Practice your utterance on training sessions. Did other people there have the vibe like you’d do what you said? What about your voice tone?


Now lets take it from the different angle. A shout at an opponent doesn’t only have to be meant to stop the attacker (your hammer fists can do it for you during the time), but your order can have even more strategic meaning.


I’ve learned this from Luke Holloway during my first seminar with him in Neath, UK.

When you are fighting someone who attacked you and some people see it - hopefully it would be a situation in which you are the one winning (and beating the crap out of the attacker).

How do you think it would look to them? What would they later tell the police?

May be something like: “I have only seen that guy in black shirt beating the life out of that other one.”

Can you see it now? Directly uninvolved people can cause you a hard time because they didn’t understand the situation well.

That is why I recommend you to start implementing commands like: “Drop the weapon!” “Get back!” “Leave me alone!” and like so, to make the others who might see it aware of the fact that it is actually YOU who is defending (while in offense though).

You need to train this stuff and get used to it. In my own experience, people are sometimes confused and their defense is ineffective when they implement voice performance with body movement.

There are more ways you can use to gain a position of advantage by using voice. If you found this information useful, I’d like to invite you to read this follow up article.

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