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How to Use Mobile Phone for Self Protection

Mobile phone is one of the most common devices on planet earth. A device made for people to communicate; to call someone. May be, to call for help. Lets discuss the ways how you can use the mobile to benefit you further in terms of self protection and survival.

Though you might not know it yet, right now you carry one of the MOST COMMON SELF DEFENSE DEVICES ON EARTH.

You probably wouldn’t guess it, but this self defense weapon is the mobile phone you carry with you EVERYWHERE.

Among all the self defense devices, this is the one that almost everybody has, but nobody really uses for self protection purposes.

And I don’t mean that you should throw it in your assailant’s face and run away… although it might be quite effective if you have the aim and your cell is one of the older and heavier ones.

Let me explain how we use it for self defense even though there is no pepper spray function in it (another nice idea for a function, don’t you think?).

Its weapon character is hidden in its very basic purpose, which is to call somebody.

For example, when a woman senses she is being followed, if she has nothing else on her, she can pull out her phone and call her husband, friends or directly the police if she really feels she is in danger.

The beauty of the mobile phone is that it is an inoffensive kind of device and many people have it.

AND - The fact you are calling someone can even prevent a criminal from attacking you. Or it can prolong the time before the first steps of the attack begin.

The biggest benefit though is that it can save your life when you already are in defensive situation, fighting for your life or dignity.

How to use your mobile phone as a self defense device

Here is a tip from personal experience of one of my students:

If you happen not to have a mobile phone with you, you might take your chances and fake it! Take a stone from the ground and pretend you are calling someone.

If it is dark outside, it is probably even hard to distinguish whether you have a phone or a piece of rock in your hand.

Next, speak clearly and loudly. Make sure you are being heard and state to the fake person on the other side of the fake phone call, where you are and that you know someone is following you.

According to her story, when the bad guy heard that, he freaked and disappeared. If the villain would happen to come closer, with the stone in your hand, you have a nice piece of weapon right there.

Another good example is when you are trying to escape from someone who is chasing you (may be to rob, rape, kidnap or kill you). What you should do is to take one of the only self defense devices you can reliably use during run – your phone.

Dial and call the police. Tell them who you are, where you are and what is happening to you.

It may sound morbid, but the help behind this device is that the assailant might get caught while chasing or fighting you.

You might be found after the criminal act and there can still be done something to save your life if you are injured or in deep trauma.

I suggest that you keep the phone on easily accessible place (for you, not for the pickpockets) so you can reach it as fast as possible when the situation requires it.

ALSO - If your battery allows it, DON’T HANG UP! Just put it in your pocket. The voice evidence can help you and the police in further investigation.

Reach for your phone from where you normally carry it and try to dial for example the numbers of the police, medical help, fire fighters or members of your family.

  • How long did it take you?
  • Could you do it without looking on the phone? Repeat and try not to look.

This way you will be able to dial the numbers fast and without the need to look on your phone. Why? Because you need to see where you are and where you run to...


If you tried the exercise above, and you own a smart phone – I can only guess that not looking at the display while operating it was almost impossible for you.

Back in older days when we all had the button-keyboard phones it was much easier. You had the emergency dialed almost before you took the phone from the pocket. The beauty also was that you didn’t have to unlock the keyboard in order to dial emergency numbers. All you had to have was a tactile memory for where the right buttons are.

One day, I was just browsing among the regular phones, looking from something small and cheap, non-computer like for just calling and I found sumtin even better; an ideal phone for self defense purposes. They call it YamaYahoo BM50.

Away from that it has button-keyboard and allows you to dial numbers by touch, it is also super small (not bigger than a regular lighter) yet one-hand operable. But the feature that caught my eye is that it works as a hands free headset phone all by it self. There is a possibility of mounting a small plastic ear wrap to it and just hang it on your ear and talk – what allows you to multitask with both your hands free, while you talk to the person on the other side.

That gives you an opportunity to keep your visual awareness and ability to fight / operate with both of your hands even while you are making a phone call.

You can get one for example here:

Using this modern weapon will RAPIDLY INCREASE YOUR CHANCES TO SURVIVE. You see, self defense is not always about kicks and punches, but also about the technology and its clever use.

Tell your wife or friend how to use it and how they can benefit from it. Tell even YOUR CHILDREN.

Self protection and prevention is something that should not be overlooked. And if a piece of common technology that you already have and use can help you, go learn how.

Now that you have realized what kind of self defense device… no …a weapon you have, you have done a big step towards your safety.

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