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How to Deal With People on the Streets

Would you know how to deal with people that approach you on the streets? How to interact with them? Who’s good; who’s bad? Who means you no good and who is just a regular person asking for a favor? Can you really tell? What to do?

Knowing how to fight is one thing, but if the situation goes down and you fall into the plot, you won’t be able to even raise your hands. Ambush, surprise attack, sucker punch – those are the words that can make all the previous years of training just disappear. Knowing the strategies of your enemy is essential for your survival. Learn how your enemy works, study his tactics and use his actions against him.

The height of strategy is to attack your opponent’s strategy - Sun Tzu

It all starts with awareness and your decision of not being a victim. If you don’t put your head straight right at the beginning then it would be very hard for you to deal even with the obvious and most common threats.

Imagine a person coming up to you, focusing your attention to him, slowing you down, asking you for directions. As you stop in front of him, taking your first breath, a hand from behind stops you from making a sound as it covers your mouth and nose.

All of a sudden something cold touches your neck. Is it a knife? A spoon? You don’t dare to find out. Your heart rate is up and you are not very far from fainting out.

A strong a piercing voice shouts in your ear, taking you back to reality: “Where’s your wallet?!” “Search that bastard!

It all happens in seconds and you feel like seconds is all you have left to live.

May it end in many different ways, the main thing is that you fell in an ambush and didn’t even see it coming. You were just trying to be nice to a lost man; going to help him out.

But can you really tell, who means you no good and who is really in need for a Good Samaritan? Well … if you are not an expert in body language and nonverbal communication, you most likely cannot.

That is why you should train and develop certain habits, which deal with such a situations be it well meant or not.

One of such tactics how you could deal with above described situation can be well started and prevented in the way, Lee Morrison shows on this very nice video from one of his seminars:

To learn more from Lee Morrison, you can go to:

How simple and inoffensive it can be. Just walk past the person approaching you so you know what is behind you. Loved it.

Notice how Lee reacts when he recognizes there is another man approaching. How he changed his attitude instantly and put his self on a post of the dominant male of the situation and took over the initiative. You need to train that as well!

If you won’t put these scumbags at their place and show them that “You don’t taste good” (some of Lee’s own terminology), they will most probably continue in attacking you.

Although, chances are they will try to attack you anyway, you have to train taking them down as well. But that is more of a thing on how to deal with multiple attackers.

There are plenty of ways you can be drawn into an ambush and be attacked when you least expect it. As Coach Morrison showed in the example above - one of the best ways on preventing someone from choosing you is letting him (or her) know, that you SEE him and that you know what he is up to.

Like when you feel someone is following you. Let the stalker know that you know. Cross over the street and while you look for cars that people drive around, take a good look in your stalker’s face. And make sure he knows you saw him. If he starts to approach you, let him know with your deep and dominant voice to keep his distance.


A step in your personal space may be connected to an attack and should be treated as such.

One other way could be to go around the corner and wait for the stalker to come. Just lean on the wall and wait for him. When he goes around the corner, he would search for you and how surprised he would be, when he’d find out that now YOU are behind HIM and that you are looking directly AT HIM. Let me tell you – If he would show a sign of surprise and may be even embarrassment after he finds out you are there and see him. You can be quite sure he was after you.



Points to remember:

What I recommend to you is to gather loads of CC TV material and study behavioral patterns and strategies of the bad guys shown on the footage. How would you prevent such a situation from happening? What was done wrong?

You will notice lot of similarities among the different videos. It is very important to take that knowledge to your training. The prevention must then become part of your nature and it won’t become a habit until loads of training is done.

Experience is something you get, shortly after you need it! - Tony Blauer

Boxers study fights of their future opponents way before the actual fight. Football coaches and players do the same with the other teams they are going to play with. You should use the luxury you have and do the same. Study the enemy and gain the experience way before you need it.

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