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Fighting Multiple Opponents - Part 1.

You must always count with the fact, that your opponent is not alone and that there may be people coming to his or her aid. Fighting multiple attackers is a very unpredictable thing and if you can, also a thing you should avoid.

You know it, you walk the street and all of the sudden you hear a person screaming for help. You turn your head and in the corridor you see a person who is being bullied by some other scumbag. You decide to step in and stop all this.

As you come closer with your finger pointing on the two while shouting out “Hey YOU!” the bully and the bullied look at you and then share an eye contact.

As they let go and start walking towards you, another shadow appear from your back – another guy. You’ve just realized that those guys are working together and all of this was just a plot to get you in the corridor.

Yes - you are outnumbered, but what they don’t know yet, is that you’ve read this article.

Fighting multiple attackers is never a good idea, even if it is just a bar fight; but learning how to deal with more than one person and ideally training it before, is a necessary skill that all self-defense classes should provide you with.

Let’s take a look at some tactics and strategies you SHOULD learn and implement in your training.

Keep moving

Remember this and carve it to your brain. If you stop moving and appear at one place for more than necessary, you are going to eat something that is not going to taste well.

I would suggest lateral movement more than linear (front and back) as the lateral will give you a better opportunity to see what is happening around you. While moving back, you may trip and fall or bump right into the arms of a tattooed muscular lover who is going to love-choke your neck to the death.

Be on the move and make your opponents shift, orientate, readjust and make it harder for them to get you.

Do NOT go to the ground

Ground is your enemy. If you fall, get thrown there or God forbid, go there on purpose, you drastically lower your chances for survival.

The guys are gonna all jump, kick and stomp you till your last breath.

So if you happen to find your self laid down, your main duty is to get back up on your feet. And if it’s too late and the gang is already on you, protect your head and your spine.

Raise your knees to your elbows. That would help you protect your ribs a little and also lock and load your legs for kicking.

But again – get back up. The cover won’t last long. It’s not designed to let you lay there for minutes and laugh to your opponent’s faces. It only buys you seconds, so you can orientate and start defending your self.

Kick out rapidly and viciously, choose an escape path, get in the low sprinter stance and RUN the hell out of there.

It is very necessary to implement such a drills in your training.


Learn how to take a person down REAL FAST

Either with one quick heavy strike, or a sequence of consecutive vicious blows.

For a better picture, take a look at this brutiful video of Lee Morrison, explaining his Go-To technique.

And how can this help you when dealing with more people (plus some bonus toilet ambush footage):

To learn more from Lee Morrison, you can go to:

The best you can do is to use the tools of great impact aimed for the most vulnerable targets – so your main aim would be to your opponent’s head.

To put this in your training, you should work on your power and explosiveness and also start hitting and aiming to parts like jaw, neck, temples, ears, back of the neck etc. Learn the principles of the knockout . That would give you the clue.

One another thing you got to understand, is that you have to be really VIOLENT and VICIOUS if you are to fight more people at the same time.

You have to create FEAR in your opponent’s hearts so they lose the will to fight you. And if they think you are a freaking VIOLENT crazy wacko, they would think twice.

I remember working at a discotheque and one time a guy came out of the toilettes with his face pissing blood. Apparently some brave hero used his chance and smacked his face over a wall while he was taking a leek.

I turned my head to tell my friends and when I turned it back, he was already taking some guy out. What he probably didn’t see yet, was that he was followed by at least ten more guys who, by the looks in their faces, weren’t quite happy their friend is dragged out of the dance floor.

As they got out, the gang made a circle around the two and aggressively yelled at the guy with bloody face to let go of their friend (who wasn’t really a good guy in this scenario to remind you) or they will all jump and kill him.

No one was really ready for the answer they were to get as he yelled back: “You want him?! Then take him from me!” and as he had him grabbed by lapel, he started to punch and elbow him viciously in the face and his shouting must woke up the whole block. He was freakin’ MENTAL.

The blood was everywhere and not one friend of the toilet hero dared to step in. The fight was taken from them instantly.

It was the girlfriend of the maniac, who stopped the fight and took her crazy babe home.

Well… just to let you know it works.

And that is not all. Those are just the first three things you should do and train to be able to deal with multiple attackers, I’d like to share with you. Or how Lee Morrison puts it – multiple target opportunities.

Now if you want to know more about fighting more than one opponent AND you want to know how the story ends, let me invite you to read the second part of the article.

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