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Gavin de Becker: The Gift of Fear

Ever wanted to get rid of FEAR and live life without ever being afraid again? And did you read this book yet?

The New York Times Best Seller book about managing human fear and learning back how to listen to our intuition as a key survival signal alerting us when danger is recognized unconsciously.

It teaches its readers how to recognize imminent dangers through an innate inner voice (don’t take it too cosmic) that subconsciously decodes the clues that other players in given scenario placed around you, puts all the pieces together and then tells you through all the strange feelings like hesitation, uneasiness or fear, that something is not right and you should do something about it.

A call to action named INTUITION.

“Intuition is always right in at least two important ways; it is always in response to something and it always has your best interest at heart”

Remember the strange inner feeling that something is just not right about someone, just to later find out you were correct? Or that nagging impression that what you are about to do is not gonna end up well?

This book by it self is an incredible encyclopedia of other people’s stories – some with happy endings, some less happy. On these stories, the author, Gavin de Becker, experienced and a very smart man, explains how all the mentioned violence could have been predicted and how putting some weight on one’s voice of intuition and common sense could have prevented all the pain and death.

He explains how thanks to ignorance and blindness the criminals were able to prevail.

Thanks to these stories and following guidance from Mr. de Becker through them, the Gift of Fear opened my eyes a lot more and delivered an immense number of “Aha!” moments.

It forced me to re-evaluate my own approach to my fear management and survivalist skills as I was given the best lesson on how I can improve to make the life of mine and of my close ones safer by improving my overall awareness.

You have the gift of a brilliant internal guardian that stands ready to warn you of hazards and guide you through risky situations.

In the Gift of Fear, Gavin de Becker spends a great deal on enlightening the true purpose of Fear in our lives. As a reality based self defense coach and practitioner, I enjoyed this particular part a LOT and if you are like me, many people will come to you asking about fear and how to overcome it.

This book will not only provide some info you can give them – but mainly, it provides answers to YOU because as a coach, you may have so many.

If you are only a self defense or/and martial arts practitioner, this book will give you an incredible insight to the world of fear, but if you are a coach, learning about The Gift of Fear will not only make you more knowledgeable but so much more professional.

In ourselves our safety must be sought. By our own right hand it must be wrought. - William Wordsworth

Although the English an author uses is easy to read and understand, this book is not one of those you will read in one breath – neither should you read it like that.

This book forced me to think big time. With each from the many other people’s real stories author mentions throughout the book, I kept projecting these situations on myself and on my own life experiences. I wanted to learn as much as I could from it and if I would just rush through it like a regular fairytale book, it would surely still bring much benefit to me, but this way I was able to really appreciate the message this encouraging and valuable book brings.

I learned not only how important role and intuition and fear play in our lives, but also another very practical things that as a self defense coach AND as a human being I am very much able to use in my personal and professional life alike.

For example, Mr. de Becker teaches his readers how to deal with strangers as well as people who don’t fully understand the meaning of the word “NO!”.

I encourage people to remember that "no" is a complete sentence.

Tips on handling violence at your workplace, domestic violence (this one really touched me), stalkers and pursuers, even violent children. You will find it all in there.


Oh, and let me tell you – I am definitely giving this book to my girlfriend. And I would insist she reads it. All the stuff that I read and learned about will bring whole new perspective to her and her safety. I am sure she would have much more “Aha!”s than I did.

I think all the women, teachers (school teachers and self defense coaches especially!!!), media people, safety guards and basically all the people who encounter other people throughout their life and who care about their safety and wellbeing, that they should read and study this book. Read it many times and dig out all wisdom it contains because you will not be able to grasp it all just by one read – not only after a third one, trust me.

If you tell someone ten times that you don’t want to talk to him, you are talking to them—nine more times than you wanted to.

Once you get it at least a little, you’ll feel like Bradley Cooper in the movie Limitless after swallowing the magic pill (Safety Disclaimer: Don’t try to swallow the book!).

If you’d ask me about one book I would recommend you to improve your safety, this would be the one. It’s worth your time. Gavin de Becker is the man!

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