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How to Avoid Being Chosen by a Criminal

I am going to cover how you can prevent yourself from being picked by criminals as their possible victim. You will learn that you need to reprogram your mindset and start using fears of criminals against them to increase your chances of not being picked by them at all.

This article is much better understandable if you already have the knowledge of how the criminals are influenced by their wants and their fears. For this reason, if you haven’t already, I dare to invite you to first begin with reading the article of What criminals consider when picking their prey.

Go ahead; I’ll wait here for you to come back after you read it.

In the article mentioned above, you learned that criminals will most probably attack you because you have something they want, which is ___, ___, ___ and ___.

That is right – your property, body, health and life.

You also learned that criminals are afraid (and hopefully they are) of being caught and of all the factors that lead to the same result of capturing them (for example – you fighting back, hurting or recognizing them).

What we have to cover now, is how you can actually use this knowledge to your advantage and become more secure when it comes to the victim pitch.

Turn the knowledge to your advantage

First of all, you have to start acting like a hard target for criminals to reach, but better yet – become a HARD TARGET.

Like Lee Morrison says:

“If you look like a food, sooner or later, someone is gonna eat you!”

And he cannot be more right. Your look and appearance makes other people’s first impression about you, which is usually the main factor for picking people. You wouldn’t go and buy a drink to an ugly girl would you? (Oh come on! Be honest!).

So make yourself look like predator, or at least a food, which not easy to digest. Make them think that you have the mindset ready for fighting back, ability to hurt them and endurance to fight all day long.

How you can do it?

The very basic thing is to improve the signals you send out to the world. These signals speak with others throughout your appearance and your state of mind.

  1. Keep appropriate low profile

    By “low profile” I don’t mean that you should walk in sewers and shadows so no one can see you. What I mean is if you look like you have something a criminal may want and that you are approachable, there is a chance he’s gonna go take it.

    What I mean is you should be smart. When you know you may find yourself in a violent and/or unfriendly environment, try not to look like you posses something a criminal may want. For example - don’t bring your most expensive jewelry there. Don’t brag about how much money you made a while ago and try not to dress like a whore when going out alone.

    Simply put – try to send to the world as less information that the world can violently use against you as possible. Be smart about it.

  2. Get your mind right

    I think the first issue you have to solve is your head and the way you think. Being scared and living in denial never helped anyone. Get out of the victim part of your brain and start thinking as an Alpha male would.

    By making habit in blaming others for what happens to you brings only ill luck and prevents you from acting when necessary – like when your life is in peril. That is why the victim mindset is an absolute mental opposite of someone who wants to be able to defend him or her self.

    We cover this topic in article: Drop the victim state of mind and get your head straight.

  3. Train and work out

    Working out will not only make you look better but also feel better. If your body posture looks firm and strong, owned by a healthy and confident member of human race, other people will recognize it from your looks, your movement and the things you can do (like crushing a rock with your bare hands).

    Training will give you confidence in your skills and in your self in overall. I think the best advice I can give you here is – start hitting something. Get to know what it feels like to hit and crush something. If you are new to the world of self defense; I would recommend you to Learn how to box.

  • Stand up, look out of your window and watch other people as they are passing by. Which ones look as a “food” type to you and which don’t? Why?
  • Now look at your self in a mirror. Describe what do you see? Could you be someone’s victim?
  • How can you improve yourself?


By improving your day to day deportment and your mental programming, you will jump a big time leap away from becoming someone else’s victim.

The problem can occurs, when an assailant is willing to take risk and is willing to take on even stronger individuals of our species – for example by introducing to the crime scene a weapon of some kind, or increasing his number by bringing friends etc.

You can never hundred parentally predict, what will and will not happen and under what circumstances. That is why my next recommendation is to…

Be prepared anyway

You need to draw the whole picture. By behaving and looking strong, you have made really firm frame for your self, but it is still only a frame - the drawing is yet far from complete.

The next level of prevention is actually getting ready for the screw up, by learning how to handle a criminal.


  1. How to increase your situational awareness
  2. How to recognize the criminal behavior
  3. How to act when being confronted
  4. What self defense tools to use and how
  5. How to communicate
  6. How to fight

By undergoing proper reality based self defense training, you can for example acquire skills needed for you to recognize the danger before it even becomes a threat to you, which is a very important part of your preemptive tactics and is a total must have for your self defense skill arsenal.

In order to prevent yourself from being picked by criminals, you have to first understand, what it is they want from you and then use it to your advantage.

Be sure that the information you send to the outside world is about smart, strong and confident person who is not easily dealt with when it comes to violent confrontations.

Even though you can never surely prevent the predatory individuals from taking their chances with you, use can your time to train and learn how to deal with this kind of criminal scum so you never fall into the victim state of mind and lead your offense as effectively as possible.

And when the shit goes down… then if there is no other choice - make sure even the assailant’s dead Neanderthal ancestors feel his pain in their guts and give him a reason to regret the very second he laid his hands on you or someone you care about.

Become a hard target!

In order to get the most out of your training, I invite you to read the article: If it's not a challenge it is not training …and then go and train the shit outta ya.

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