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Drop the Victim State of Mind and Get Your Head Straight

If you get consumed by your fears, you are in the victim state of mind. By adopting such self-destructive mentality, you may get yourself in lots of harmful trouble. Learn how it expresses itself and how can you suppress this unwanted bug in your head.

When faced by a criminal, your mentality may fall apart, put you in denial and anxiety and prevent you from standing your ground. We call that a victim state of mind. Some people even adopted this state as the way of their life, not knowing how harmful signals they send to the outside world.

What is the victim state of mind?

Victim state of mind is a mental pattern, characterized by constant blaming others for things that happen to you and feeling powerless to ever do something about it.

An individual characterized by the victim way of thinking, like any other being, understands the possible outcomes that participating in a criminal activity may bring them - loss, anxiety, pain, death etc.

The dangerous thing about it is that they consciously choose not to do anything to prevent offender’s actions that may result in such ill outcomes.

Instead of standing their ground, they blame other circumstances that, in their way of understanding and behavior, led them to such a precarious situation.

Victim type people are unhappy and accuse other people for it.

They are literally living in fear of what others can do to them, being a victim of other people’s actions and never ever stand their ground. Because they became used to thinking they can’t.

People like this like to complain a lot. Some even try to avoid the outside world as much as possible and live in anticipation for someone else to save them. YOU DON’T WANT TO BE LIKE THAT!

This mental condition is self-destructive, very dangerous and not at all desirable in situations when there is a need to fight back and protect your property, body, health and/or life.

You don’t really need a specific technique or a skill – you just need to FUCKING FIGHT! - Tony Blauer

Victim minded people will most likely not take the chances and let the criminal do whatever he wants – while blaming all the world for their ill luck, asking “Why me?!”

See, you need to avoid such mental state by any means, because not only may criminals sniff out that your mindset is not set for fighting back, but be it a life or death situation, where lives of other people may depend on your actions – your family for instance – instead of ripping the criminal apart to little tiny pieces of dead meat, you will just let him do his business. Just because your head is whacked.


Let’s see what one of the greatest businessmen of our time has to say about behaving like a victim:

Find out more about Grant Cardone. HIS BOOKS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

I totally agree with Grant. If you look weak, people will treat you like a weak person. And you don’t want that. Do you?

In the video, you can even see from Grant’s attitude that he probably doesn’t like victim-like thinking people. To tell you the truth – the victims usually don’t like themselves either.

At first it is quite convenient and nice to blame others for whatever happens and not really be accountable for anything. But as it grows more and more under the victim’s skin, they start to mentally cannibalize on themselves.

If you feel like your behavior is like the victim state of mind or close to it (and let us be honest here) you have to break out of it and take your life in your own hands. Simply take a risk of living your life and keep it going.


You have to understand, that survival is not something that happens to you, but rather something that happens because of you.

Remember – it is all about the signals you send out to the world. That is how people will see you; that is how you will fit to a criminal’s check list.

Imagine how easy you make it for the bad guys out there if you already are a victim in your head. You are serving your self to them on a silver plate.

Believe me - where head goes, the body follows. All they have to do is to stab, slice and eat you piece by piece.

Get your mind right and make your self harder to violently deal with.

  • What are the characteristics of victim state of mind?
  • When was the last time you behaved like a victim?
  • How do others look upon people thinking and behaving like victims?

How to suppress the victim mentality?

I’d like to introduce you to coach Tony Blauer’s concept on Economics of violence.

Nope, it is not about money you lose when mugged, how much the hospital would cost you if you get beaten or about the weapon market stocks. At least not directly.

It is about how the world would get affected, if you lose a fight. If you get beaten and can’t go to work for couple weeks or take care of your kids. How you being crippled will change people’s lives. What ideas and dreams you will take to the grave with you if you get killed, etc. Think about it.

The point is that we all as individuals are very valuable to the world and if becoming a victim to a violent act, our sudden inabilities or passing away may affect our community, our family, our friends and may be even the world in a very dramatic way.

Understanding of this concept will give you the reasons why you can’t afford to lose a fight.

Answer these questions on why you personally CAN NOT lose a fight:
  • What would the world lose if you get killed?
  • Who are the people and things you care about the most? Whose lives would be affected? What will happen to them?

Some people just need a strong kick in their butt to wake up and stop acting like little sissies! Right, Grant Cardone?

Others need to dig deep in their lifestyle and learn how to deal with stress through proper training and also experience a time without any tension on their chest – best through peaceful, quiet meditation (don’t get too cosmic – silence and clear head is sometimes the best doctor).

Nothing good ever happened to people who were victims. When your health or life is at risk, stop being selfish, think about how important you are to others and fight back.

Take all your resources and become the best version of yourself. Improve your skills and abilities and become a resource yourself – for you and for the ones you love.

It is your legal right to defend and fight! – maxim

Now that you have identified people and things most important to you, I invite you to get even deeper in the topic and continue with next article called Be Your Own Bodyguard.

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