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Be Your Own Bodyguard

People are sometimes ready to come to aid others, but when it comes to their own safety, they are often unthoughtful and neglectful. They don’t understand that even such an attitude, a state of mind, can be harmful to their environment and their loved ones.

Why would you train or consider training reality based self defense? What is the thing that moves you to start learning combatives and acquire the skill to disappear people with your bare hands?

Most people join the ranks of head mashers is because they want to PROTECT the health and/or property of their own or of the OTHER people they care about.

What I as an instructor usually hear is … “I want to protect my kids and family!”, “I wanna be able to take of my self!” or “I live in a bad neighborhood so I think I should do this!”

Their reasons are good, very good, but in most cases, little they truly know about the ECONOMICS OF VIOLENCE.

You know … people have goals, but they tend to forget them real soon and not really work towards them unless they keep reminding them selves every training session; or better yet – every day.

That is why it is so important to understand “Why do YOU really train combatives?”

Economics of violence

This term came to me first during my PDR fundamentals course with Tony Blauer.

The essence of this principle doesn’t lie in how much money may be stolen from you if you happen to lose the fight. No, not really.

What it stands for is all the reasons, individual to you, why YOU can not afford to lose the fight and HOW it would influence the life of you and your loved ones.

What would it cost you to face your fear? What might it cost you if you don't? - Tony Blauer

Many people would come to aid someone else, but when it comes to the life of their own, they in many cases tend to stay passive and create a false hope, that they will only survive, if they STAY passive.

For whatever reason, people tend to trust the muggers, kidnappers, violators, that if they comply and keep it down… if they cooperate.

But the opposite is usually the truth.

Now imagine for a split second it is not you who is standing in front of the knife; who is being dragged towards a van with a hand over their mouth; who gets beaten in a park.

Imagine it is someone very close to you, someone you truly love. Your sister, your mom… What would you do if you see it? How would you FEEL? … Exactly.

You would want them to be safe and unharmed because you care about them so much. Now know for sure that somewhere on this planet are other people who think the same way about YOU.

Imagine, if you had to spend a week or a month in a hospital or a mental hospital; end up on a wheelchair or worse… die. How would affect your family? Or the project you have been working your whole life? …the hell, what if YOU may be the one able to solve the pollution crisis?

How important are you to the world around you?

You see it is not only about learning self-defense so YOU become able to protect your family. It is also about you, being able to protect YOU, so your family does not lose someone they love, who brings an emotional value to their lives – thus economics of violence.


Who’s got your back?

There could be times, when no one would be around to help you and even relying on someone else’s help is not a good idea.

The only person you should really count on is yourself.

Now that you understood all the things I wrote above, you know WHY. Next important thing is HOW.

If you are serious about your goal, you have to adopt an attitude that will push you forward and help you develop a real skill. Becoming a self-reliant human being and you gonna have to work for it.

Through every training session, be it self-defense or Combat Fitness or what ever, you have to create this urge to become

DO more, KNOW more, THINK more, HAVE more and WANT more than your opponent. - Tony Blauer

When you decide to learn self-defense … may be a better term would be “self-protection”; you should remind you self why you started and what got you there every time you come to a session (at least), but remind your self every day, why you can not afford to lose.

This fear will create the work ethic you need and allow you to do for your safety more, than just attend the self-defense classes.

I’d like you to watch this video below, created by Luke Holloway. Watch it till the end. It’ll make sense, no worries.

To learn more about Luke Holloway go to:

Do you understand the symbolism? He tattooed that Kishin as a symbol that has a deep meaning to him. A meaning that there is a PROTECTOR watching over his back. And that protector is no one else than Luke himself.

No one else got my back – I’ve got my back! - Luke Holloway

You don’t have to tattoo your back to be able to defend your self, but you have to adopt the same type of attitude. Be the only one who has got your back. Do it for YOU and do it for all that is important for you. For what and whom YOU are important.

Be Your Own Bodyguard and NEVER EVER TRUST a CRIMINAL! …NE-VER!

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