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Why You Need to Be Explosive For Effective Self Defense

Execute light speed strikes with tremendous hitting power and create an unfair advantage for your self by incorporating explosive training exercises to your preparation routine.

In order for you to become really effective out there on the streets through creating an unfair advantage for you, you definitely need to incorporate in your training the explosive power exercises.

With this type of training you will improve your reactions, speed movement coordination, muscle groups neural response AND the power you would be able to create and demonstrate.

You will also be able to stay in high performance heart rate levels a little bit longer than your opponents.

And I think that we can all agree that these factors can determine the difference between winning and losing. You don’t want to lose…

Explosive power in Self Defense

What I hope you understand by now is that violent fights that happen in reality have almost nothing to do with sport fights or traditional martial arts competitions. It’s pure violence lasting couple seconds with such a stress to the body and mind that if the fight lasts 20 seconds, it is long (very long).

As opposed to the sports, in real life you can not afford to split your energy for couple 3 minute rounds. You need to go all in and you need to go now, because with each second you let your opponent to be in control of you and the situation physically, you increase your chances of losing your life, health, body or property… in language you will understand better - meaning you can lose.

Knowing that, you must also understand that your best bet in real life is on acting preemptively - acting first.

We are talking about an explosive coordinated split second muscle action

And if you want to go first, you basically bet the most on the first shot, end the fight and go home. That means you have to go FAST and F-in POWERFUL – be EXPLOSIVE!

This video from Lee Morrison will help you understand the need for being preemptive much better. Also – look at the speed and power he delivers – how do you think he trains?

To learn more from Lee Morrison, you can go to:


Explosive and fast… How does it work?

The main aim of explosive training is actually not entirely in the speed of how fast you can move, but rather how fast you can recruit your muscles and make them work to their maximum performance potential.

For that, we need the type of training that forces your nervous system to recruit the fast muscle fibers, which take care of your fast and powerful body movements. You should be aware that these fibers fatigue quickly and thus you would also need to incorporate some quality rest in order to make the training effective.

All that being said – through an explosive training you not only improve your muscles performance, but also your nervous system response rate.

The explosiveness and power along with it comes mainly from your hips and posterior chain muscles (glutes, hamstrings, posterior deltoids, traps and spinal erectors). This “centre” area of your body is responsible for making all your strikes, kicks and basically all your movement more dynamic, powerful and thus much more effective, especially when it comes to delivering a hit to your opponent’s guts.

Ask any of the boxing coaches and they will tell you that the power of a punch has least to do with the actual strength of an arm. It’s the well used body mechanics taking care of your opponent’s consciousness after hitting the right target, not the size of your biceps.

If you stand up right now and try to explode couple times, towards an imaginary opponent in front of you with all you got, I am pretty sure you’ll notice that the hips and posterior chain muscles play a great role in speed of your movement and power of your strike’s delivery.

The types of exercises I would recommend are: sprints, ladder footwork drills, plyometric exercises (like clapping push-ups), jumps, deadlifts, land mine presses, squats, bench press and of course power lifting.

Even though lot of exercises for explosive power are done with weights, it actually does not determine how your muscles look like, but rather how they work and what you can do with them.

Of course the aesthetic results come in hand in hand with your training as by using your body’s maximum power you burn quite an amount of calories and your muscles get to work like (in most cases) never before. But the looks should not be your main desire here.

What I really like about an explosive type of training is it does not only train muscles – it trains movement.

Do those exercises fast and dynamically. If you train slow, you become more coordinated – but slow. Remember this is explosive training, so “go all out, dy-na-mi-te”!

JUST REMEMBER – Explosive training should never replace your purpose specific training, meaning you still need to work on your tools (punches, slaps, hammer fists, kicks and so on) and scenario specific drills – it should upgrade it and get your skills to a whole another level.

What I would recommend for you guys is to learn as much as you can about the explosive type of training and start experimenting with it to learn what works best for you.

Here are some examples of quality explosive power workouts:

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