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Deadlifting is said to be the best exercise to develop the whole body. Mass, strength, power, endurance, explosiveness … all in the motion of just lifting something heavy from the ground “the right way”.

Deadlift is one of the basic exercises for building all body strength and power, overall muscle endurance as well as explosiveness development. Also, if you manage to deadlift properly, you create the necessary base for other awesome recommended exercises like the snatch for example.

Basically – you would learn how to lift heavy things from the ground the proper way.

This exercise is not only very beneficial, but also very demanding when it comes to a proper form. And proper form is a king when it comes to deadlifting.

If not done correctly, there is not only danger of not getting the results you thrive for, but most importantly, you can get your self permanently injured. So make sure you don’t rush it and first learn how to do it right.

How to deadlift

Here is a video from Elliott Hulse, where he explains the deadlift concept and proper form on a guy who has never deadlifted before.

And here are some deadlift variations you can use:

What do you want to get from this exercise

If you want to grow big and intimidate your opponents with the size of your back (lats particularly), then be my guest and do the deadlift the bodybuilding, strongman way – progress your way to the highest weight possible.

On the other hand, if you want to make your body more explosive and increase muscle endurance, without growing too much mass, you better go with lower weights.

I personally prefer a combination of both. Not only does faster and explosive execution prepare me more for my actual goal – to be better prepared for the challenging activity such as fighting is (as I don’t have to fight with the really heavy bar to get it up, but rather lift the lighter bar more explosively in more sets), but lower weights also allow me to keep the proper control of the bar and of my form so I don’t hurt my self. After I progress through lower weights up, I like to do two last series with heavier weights in a slow, controlled motion.

You really want to have control over the bar throughout the whole exercise so you don’t hurt your self (you’d rather get smacked in the face with a wrench – trust me). For dynamic execution choose lower weightd and as you get heavier, slow down a notch so you know all works properly as it shoud.


What this exercise can give you is mostly – power and explosiveness. By keeping the proper form and thrusting your hips in the bar while lifting it up, recruits your muscles in a nice dynamic way.

Believe it or not, the deadlift takes its part on making your strikes more powerful. Although this exercise is mainly aimed for the development of your back muscles and correcting the body posture, when you do this, trying to get the bar up from the ground, you need to recruit also your legs, butt and shoulders.

So… taken all this and some striking science all together, we can say that through dynamic deadlifting you are working out on the whole chain of body mechanics that participate on their creation, support and delivery of your strikes.

You also work on stronger core support, making your posture (thus your fighting stance) more adaptive. After all the hours training with your back bent, covering your head and chest, deadlifting is a great way how to remind the body what the correct posture should be.


Muscles recruited: Majority of the large muscle groups (Quadriceps, Traps, Lats, Lower Back, Glutes, Hanstrings), shoulders, forearms

Development of: Overall body strength and power, hip dynamics, grab strength, lower back muscles endurance

Deadlift motion utilization: Lifting stuff from the ground the proper way, double leg takedown pick-up, kicking power and dynamics, prying the arm during armbar, develops strong posture and empowers your fighting stance

Where to place this exercise: Since this exercise is utilizing multiple joints and is also highly neurologically demanding, you should place deadlifts at the beginning of your workouts.

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