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Cycle of Behavior

When it comes to fighting real people in real situations, many people struggle with dealing with their fear and very often leave it to consume them. Tony Blauer’s Cycle of Behavior gives people the roadmap to get out of the Fear Loop and take actions necessary for survival.

Everybody has ever been afraid of something (or someone) and let the fear influence his/her behavior.

When it comes to real fight situations, human nature is to hesitate. Hesitate to do things, because they create a scenario in their heads, visualize it and start to believe in it … even though it didn’t happen yet and the information, based on which the imaginary outcome of the scenario was created, has not yet been proven to be true.

In just nano seconds, your mind will take you through many steps that Cycle of Behavior describes. By understanding each of the steps and using the guidance this concept represents, you allow your self to see a positive ending and thus become the winner or more precisely - "survivor" - of the given scenario.

Tony Blauer’s ultimate tool called Cycle of Behavior creates a roadmap that can take you through overcoming your fears to even enhanced performance.

Here is how the Cycle of Behavior scheme looks like:

Tony Baluer's Cycle of Behavior

Let’s introduce the concept of this incredible life changing tool by the creator him self to you on these two videos:

It may be hard for you to grasp and understand it all at once, but as you start to get it, use it and dig deep in your self, you will recognize the incredible power of this great tool.

For your better understanding, there is a series of videos taken by guys from JiuJitsuMania where Coach B explains Cycle of Behavior’s each step to its full meaning.


The Scenario

The scenario could be anything - a job interview, tough workout or a fight for your life. The most important thing is that you respond to things emotionally and these emotions are determining whether and how you will ACT.


Your motivation is the key to your success. If you would go into a fight with the image in your head of you getting seriously hurt or even dying… how motivated would you be?

On the other hand – if you visualize yourself successfully defending and getting home safe, your motivation would be different.


As coach B. says - 80% of your motivation comes from your expectations.

Very few people, may be under special circumstances yes, but very few people would go in to the fight, with negative expectations in their minds - such as, getting their ass kicked.

In order to make your performance to your full potential, you have to enter the scenario with peak state of mind - expecting and thus believeing you'll end up not necessarily winning, but in language of reality based self defense - surviving.

Gotta get in the fight and give your self permission to win. - Tony Blauer


See the positive outcome. Visualize it in your head and see your self ending up successful.

Backup your expectations with vivid pictures and happenings. This way you will get motivated even more easly and chances are it'll even get you jacked.

Play with it - it's powerful!


You have to BELIEVE that you can do it.

Put away all the stuff like "a smaller person cannot beat a big person" or thought like that. There is only here and now and unless you believe you can actually do it and defend your self successfully, you are not going to perform well. Most likely the opposite.

Neuro Associations

As coach Blauer sais, this is how your brain reacts to symbols. How these symbols can change your believes and thus mindset and whole behavior.

Described by an example, it could mean that when you see someone with a badass face and you see his nose has been broken - you would think this guy is dangerous, he must be a great fighter. Yet, he didn't prove to you he really is any of those things. All you know is that this guys mom must have been ugly and if the nose was truly broken in a fight, head covering skills of this dude would probably need some more training.

People have tendencies to hide behind symbols as well as believe get manipulated by them. You got to get past this if you want to be successful.

Don’t imbue people with skills they haven’t yet proven. - Tony Blauer

FEAR management skills

Having FEAR management skills is very important. You can be motivated, have possitive expectations, visualize your self as the hardes badass in the neighborhood, believe you can do it and really don't give a fuck about your opponent's Tapout shirt - but you still be feeling fear. Everyone feels fear. What is different is how they are used to it, how they understand it and how they let it work for them.

If you let your fear consume you, you will never be able to pull it off.

That is why you have to study and apply Fear management skills and methods to your training. Get familiar with it and learn how to work WITH IT - Not against it.

Challenged or Threatened door

Based on your Fear management skills, depends whether you can get out of continue to cycle in the Fear Loop.

By being threatened you will trap your self rotating in loop of doubts and disbelievs, which will prevent you from actually acting. You'll freeze.

If you, on the other hand, get CHALLENGED instead and use that dose of adrenaline your body gave you in a productive way, you will jump right through that door, actively progressing towards your plan.

Goal - Action - Result, Plan, Re-View

Goal - Action - Result represents all the necessary little steps that you have to do to achieve your Plan. In a scenario where fighting is involved, your plan would probably be to get to a safe place. But before you can reach such a space, you have to acomplish something - a Goal. Such goals might be for example: getting out of a hold, create enough space for an opportunity to run, finding an escape route, reach an escape route etc. The Actions then would be all the activities you have to perform to reach the goal. Idealy, your Results would match the goals, but it can also happen that in a changing environment, you might have to addapt in the process as the results, and also goals, change.

Re-viewing is very necessary. It corresponds with the step of Visualization, where you have to see for your self the possitive outcome and thus allow your self to be successful in your plan. It not only has the motivational aspect as you set up possitive expectations, but it also stimuly your believe system.

All this doesn't happen in hours or even minutes. It takes just nano-seconds for you to go through the whole Cycle of Behavior so even these steps would be just a fast flashes in your head.

The patterns for setting up your plan and goals with high success rate of achievement should mostly come from your training and pressure testing.

Decision, Past>Present<Future, Action

After you have Re-Viewed your plan, you Decide on doing it and bring it to live action.

What can interfere with your decision making and physical performance is then your past experiences projecting them selves in the future expectations, overfloading your head with "WHAT IFs".

Remember that there is only here and now and you have to release your mind from negative thoughts that bring negative outcomes to your mind. The plan is already decided. There is no time for what if. Now is only time for an ACTION.


How to use this tool

Now that you know what all the parts represent, it is important to put them back to create the whole picture for you.

Being able to change your motivation by improving your expectations is a huge HUGE thing.

If you would be able to change the way your feel about things that scare you, get challenged and all of the sudden, through positive motivation, be able to face your fears with a positive outcome in your head, leaving the negative behind – you put your self on road that leads to incredible performances and self-reliance.

Cycle of Behavior, if you use it well, can and will change your life. Like it has mine and of my students.

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