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3 Things You Should Combine to Improve Your Mental Toughness – Part 2

Knowing hundreds of techniques won’t save your life in a real fight. There are people all over the world who had successfully fought off their attackers, without any previous martial arts or reality based self defense training. All they had was their will to fight for their life – the will to survive.

The most important thing during real life confrontation is that you ACT. Stand your ground and fight for what is yours – especially YOUR LIFE. Techniques won’t save you unless you are able to use them. It is all in your head, coming from your …

Survival Instinct

The most important skill or even better yet, nature, is your will to survive. In world of reality based self defense and self preservation, there is nothing more important than that.

As Tony Blauer mentioned many times – in the world, every day, there is enormous amount of people successfully defending them selves, without any previous self defense training, being able to overwhelm their opponent with only the sheer power of their will. The will to survive.

This is very powerful statement and a very powerful truth.

Control the mind and you can control the behavior. - Tony Blauer

Your survival instinct is the main thing that would keep you in the game – fighting (may be even for your life) and in my opinion, introducing you to your will to survive and empower your warrior mindset is the one most important task of reality based self defense training it should provide for you.

There are couple training ways to strengthen your will and make your mind powerful and all of them require you to purposely put your self in a stressful situation.

With your 3Ps in mind and your Personal Directive commanding you to act and pushing you forward, you become able to resolve them with the best possible outcome.

This is what I use to introduce my students to their survival instinct and force them to meet their fight or flight state of mind.

Tough workouts

During our Combat Fitness sessions I regularly put my people under very challenging workouts that place them on the edge of their comfort zone and way behind what they think is possible for them to do.

You never know how much you can do, until you try to do more than you can. - Tony Blauer

If you feel sick and like vomiting, then you are just at the beginning. You have to go over that and do even more. Force your self to perform and reach a given goal (It is very important to have a goal. Set it high and work towards it. Measure your results and make the training challenging and competitive).

When you reach the moment when your will starts to break and you feel like stopping and going home, you have to swallow your fear and give it all you’ve got.

This will not only improve your fitness in a dramatic way, but it will also open a door for you, which lead to wider possibilities and way more exciting life by it self. And just by the way – physical fitness helps a LOT when it comes to dealing with big stress.

What I recommend to you is to get familiar with Elliot Hulse’s Hybrid Muscle Training, John Welbourn’s CrossFit Football and Lee Morrison’s ComFit.


Sparring is a great way to develop one’s warrior mindset.

Through sparring you will learn that you are not made out of glass and will not break so easily. You’ll learn how to take a hit and how to deliver some punishment back. You’ll recognize that people may be tough but they are not unbeatable.

It will teach you to move and think under pressure … all at the same time.

What I recommend is to spar as much as you can. Try different people – don’t get used to one and think you know them all.

It is very important not to jump in a ring with the professional fighters right away, but to develop your skills on the way to better opponents while still make it challenging for your self. Like with the tough workouts – you have to sweat it – otherwise you are not training.

Training should hurt, but never injure…if there is no pain, there is no fear…if there is no fear, then you’re not really training. - Tony Blauer

BUT remember and carve it to your brain – Sparring is NOT self defense. Sparring is only a tool to introduce you to the world where people try to hurt each other.

If you want real self defense, you have to go more in depth and become functional in the lone world of no rules, no health control and definitely no sportsmanship.

Scenario Based training

It is very important for you to create at least some EXPERIENCE.

Even though you can never simulate the real dynamics of a REAL situation and you can never anticipate how a situation will happen, how will it evolve, nor can you anticipate all of the situations possible, it is necessary to AT LEAST get as much experience that is as close to the REAL thing, as possible – and scenario based training will do for you just that.

You have to become familiar with fighting in different environments, fighting against multiple opponents and be introduced to ambushes AND most importantly – you have to develop the TRUST in stuff that you learn at the training sessions through creating an environment where you can pressure test your skills.

Without this trust, you won’t be able to introduce anything you learn into the real fight.

That doesn’t only mean you were probably wasting your time and money training all the stuff you suddenly can’t use.

What is worse, it will leave you CHOKING – as in a state of inability to decide what to do, because you would overwhelm your self with the world of WHAT IF? “What if I do this, he’ll do that …” and so on and on.

That can NOT happen to you when it comes to the real life scenario. Would you agree?

If you happen to be an instructor – this is what you ought to give to your students. Give them skills that they can pressure test and which they can believe in. Cut the Bullshit!

If you can’t think to do it in training, what makes you think you’ll think to do it in the street. - Tony Blauer

You can follow up more on this topic in an article If it is not a challenge, it is not training.

And there we are. The truth really is that effective self defense is mainly about proper mindset and a will not to give up and stand your ground.

By identifying your 3Ps, creating a personal directive and becoming familiar with your survival instinct all together, you give your self the tools and a blueprint to create unbreakable warrior mindset.

If you want to get the most of your self and become able to take any challenge you come across, I can’t recommend you enough to go and check out Tony Blauer’s Cycle of behavior. This unbelievable tool will skyrocket your performance levels to a whole new levels and if well understood and taken seriously, help you become a better person in anything you want!

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