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3 Things You Should Combine to Improve Your Mental Toughness – Part 1

How mentally tough are you? Are you strong enough to face the real violent threats you train so hard to prepare for? What if I tell you they’d ambush you tomorrow … or better yet – they wait for you outside? What … would YOU …do?

As you already know, violence comes in as many types and shapes as there are limits of human creativity. And that means real freakin’ many and you can never get ready for all of them.

What you can do though, is to raise your chances for survival by default.

How can you do it? By knowing what to do, when you need to and mainly by pushing your self to the limits, getting used to operating under pressure and thus strengthening your mentality.

Let me tell you about three things that I think you should be combining together and which will not only enhance your training experience, but most of all - help you become more prepared for anything coming your way.

The concepts I will be mentioning came first out of the head of one of my great mentors, Tony Blauer.

In his teachings he talks about that every day, there are people, who successfully defended and saved the life of their own or someone else’s, without any prior reality based self defense training. Just because of their indignation and will to protect what is dear to them, a will to survive.

I’d want to touch that.

What coach B. sais is that first of all, you have to have a reason to fight back and survive. A reason that comes from deep within your soul; a reason that drives you to performance you’d never expect you’d be able to execute.

What brings us to…


These three P’s represent an exercise that will help you find a purpose and will to deal with any kind of danger you are facing. A purpose to unfreeze, get you moving and take action towards solving a threatening situation.

These P’s represent

NOW - What I want you to do is to take a pen and a sheet of paper because you are going to be creating a list.

On this list, I want you to write things that are very personal to you and that you care about very much - that you are very passionate about and which are present to you right now (so you can touch, smell or feel them in any other way, at this very moment).

Each of the things you write down must fulfill all three P’s together.

Create your 3Ps list.

This list tells you what you would lose, what would it cost you, if you do nothing. If you face a violent person and just let him eat you up… or from the other angle – why is it worthy to stand your ground and do something.

We call this Economics of Violence.

It is necessary to review your list from time to time as your preferences may change. For example - you have a new born kid that brings new value to your life and you want to see him grow and support him. Or you are developing a new treatment project that will save millions of lives… it can really be anything, but you have to make sure it is personal and you’re passionate about it NOW.

To be honest – you should be looking at this list before every training and make it your motor that motivates you during the whole session.

Now that you have your list, we are going to the next step:

Personal Directive

When put in the difficult situation, most people need time to plan their next actions. But when the “difficult” needs to be dealt with NOW, people freeze or choke and do nothing.

This frozen state is caused by shock and inability to come up with any action that should be done and so they get stuck under the pressure of “what to do”.

In violent situations it is becoming even worse, as a typical human being would ask for even more – “What should I do, so I don’t lose?!”

People are afraid to lose. That is why they don’t fight back in the first place.


Based on your 3Ps you now know, what you can not afford to lose and why. Personal Directive takes that and creates a call to action around it.

“GO; and do something!”

It is your own personal order that you give to your self in times, when you don’t know how to react to a certain stimuli.

It could be time when you feel like you can not do another rep in the competition. A time, when you feel like you can not beat your opponent in the ring and your will to fight is leaving you. OR a situation when a guy is pointing his knife on you while his friend searches your pockets.

This directive – this mental general that you plant in your head – will help you to unfreeze and take action in whatever situation you created the directive for.

Write your own Personal Directive. Be sure that it relates to your 3Ps.

By identifying the things that are Personal to you, that you are Passionate about and which are existing in your Present time all together, you defined your most powerful motivational factors and you set up a solid base for your self to know what to fight for.

This alone is a powerful enough tool to get you back on your feet when you’re down and feel like there is not a drop of energy in your body.

Give it some time and use it in your training. Experience its full power and through the personal directive – let it motivate you and empower you.

Just reading it won’t give you squat – you have to USE it.

There is a third thing you have to put this all together with to make it an ultimate mental survival mix. Let’s go and continue to the second part.

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