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Tiger's Claw

Tiger’s Claw is one of the basic open hand strikes that can be used as a quick preemptive blow to the head allowing strikers to set up a heavier follow up, or as a brutal, face ripping, eye gouging technique.

Tiger’s Claw, which is a traditional palm strike with a more violent follow through in combination with stabbing your fingers in the eyes of an opponent, is a brutal and vicious open hand strike that can be aimed basically anywhere on the assailant’s head.

It truly doesn’t matter if you hit hard or a soft spot, the impact is still effective and may even cause a knock out (if delivered to the head).

There are a couple of ways you can apply the Tiger’s Claw in real fight.

You can hit primarily with your palm, causing a blunt – brain shaking impact to the opponent’s head what may result in his loss of consciousness.

Or you can first attack with your fingers, causing trauma on your target’s tissue and/or his eyes – ripping his face off and taking away his vision (and his DNA behind your fingernails as a souvenir).

Tiger’s Claw

Here on this video bellow, Carl Cestari and his student Damien Ross explain the principles and application of the basic Tiger’s Claw technique.

Like Carl Cestari said - you should be as vicious and explosive as possible. If you decide to go for a heavy landing Tiger’s Caw, be sure to rip off and take an assailant’s face home with you.

You really have to have such attitude! Be mean; be a tiger, not a kitten.

Coach Cestari also mentions that this kind of strike is a great preemptive tool.

Personally, I mainly use fast palm strikes as a preemptive shot to close my assailant’s eyes, so I can follow up with something stronger, change position, go for takedown etc.

To get a better idea about how that would look like, let’s watch this next video from Lee Morrison, where he explains the Tiger’s Claw in his own fashion, and brings a little bit of usable variation to it.

To learn more from Lee Morrison, you can go to:

Talking about vicious and explosive, huh? Yup, Lee knows his craft.

  • Watch the videos again and try Tiger’s Claw at your training session.
  • How are the assailant’s reactions to the various applications different? How are they same?
  • How would you follow up after each application?


Tiger’s Claw in a Combination

Here I’d like you to watch this other video lecture, taught by Coach Morrison. Apart from showing a simple open hand combo drill, he also spreads some important knowledge and supporting the concept of training with attitude.

Notice how Lee moves forward and drives in the opponent while hitting the pad.

  • Watch the videos again and make notes.
  • What else, apart from the Tiger’s Claw technique, have you learned?

Now that you have learned something about an effective open hand striking I recommend you to go and train the shit out of it.

To get you some idea what to combine Tiger’s Claw with, go learn something about good old WW2 Chin Jab and Edge of Hand blows and/or destructive Hammer Fists. You’d love it all.

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