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Hammer Fists

Incredibly simple, effective and dangerous close quarters combat move of true destruction. This nasty self defense tool shouldn’t be missing in any true helpless housewife’s arsenal.

Hammer fists are brutally effective close quarters combat tool for offense as well as for defense. Due to their devastating and heavy impact, you can use hammer fists for example to take down your opponent’s guard or to turn his face to the other side of his head.

I like that you can easily use them from basically any type of guard that we use in reality based self defense and still deliver immense punishment.

Also the movement is so natural and to strike effectively not much hand conditioning is needed; anyone can get in to it quickly and start using hammer fists effectively in really short period of training time.

Here is a video of Luke Holloway showing you the hammer fists concept and some training drills for you to try.

To learn more on improving your fighting skills, go to:

You might have noticed there, that Luke uses the hammer fists also from bottom up motion, which you can’t see in other styles much. I personally like to use it that way, especially in the situations like in recovery from being hit – just like Luke Holloway showed you there.

What may surprise you on the video is the hammer fist to the leg after Luke steps on his opponent’s foot.

Rest assured that this kind of stuff hurts like hell. I’ve been hit like this couple times during a sparring match while wearing only the MMA gloves. Man that hurt.

Go try it – it’s effective!


Here is one more video of Luke Holloway, using hammer fists in combinations with other strikes. Just to give you a clue, how we also use them in Raw Combat.

  • Watch the videos again and try some of the drills Luke Holloway showed there?
  • Include hammer fists to your pad work and combine them with your other self defense tools – esp. elbows and punches?

Thanks for reading – now go and train!

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