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Crushing the Windpipe

Even though the throat is not easily accessible, once it is hit, there can be done pretty much damage. Serious heavy strikes can cause even death, so don't take this spot lightly and keep your throat protected.

Hitting someone's throat during the fight is quite a lottery. You may either dispose of your assailant quickly and effectively without making much noise and melodrama or … you can even kill him.

KEEP YOUR THROAT WELL PROTECTED, because what you can do to others, may others do to you. Remember that one quick strike can give you one really hard time to deal with.

When somebody gets punched in the throat, they are being hit to the part of the neck that we call the larynx. One of the big larynx advantages is its elastic character and will to jink to the pressure.

Most common strike landing zones on larynx (throat) are the thyroid cartilage and the cricoid cartilage.

The thyroid cartilage is the biggest cartilage of the larynx, shielding its internal parts. On the upper-middle part of the thyroid cartilage is a curvature, shaped in a little notch, which we all know as the Adam’s apple.

Under thyroid cartilage, linked by the cricothyroid joint, is the cricoid cartilage which is the only circular pillar of the larynx.

The whole larynx is a little pack of cartilage, cords, joints and muscles bound to each other so if it takes and sustains the hit, its elastic nature will slowly bring it back to its original place.

The only bone in the larynx system is the hyoid bone, supporting it on the top. This bone is usually hard to break by blow because of its well protected position guarded by the jaw and cervical vertebrae.

However, broken hyoid bone is one of the indicators of strangulation (strong or fatal choke holds and head locks). For example people who hang them selves in a suicide break their hyoid bone in most of the cases.


Crushed, disrupted, fractured larynx cartilage

Even though it is not very usual to crush the larynx cartilage with a strike, no one can actually predict, when it breaks. The older we get, the more ossified the cartilage becomes and the more vulnerable it is.

When training reality based self defense, you have to be ready to encounter all sorts of things as the outcomes of violence are wayward. Striking to vulnerable spots brings consequences. It could be bloody messy and as one very wise man once said "Shit happens!".

If you are fighting older person (anything can happen) have in mind that hit in the throat can have greater impact than if you were fighting a younger one.

Dislocated larynx

Although it is not easy to break the cartilage, the whole larynx thing is connected to the rest of the neck only with elastic cords and joints.

A strong hit to the throat can then result in acute anatomic injury.

When it is hit down under the cricoid cartilage during head backswept and the neck hyperextended, there is a big danger of larynx separation from the trachea (larynx dislocation).

If you happen to have your throat hit or somehow else injured, don’t hesitate and go see your doctor immediately. For effective treatment, your throat must be examined within 24 hours (48 hours latest).

Reason being that each injury may result in creating hematoma or cartilage fracture, which are acute kinds of injuries, possibly threatening your airway clearness and voice creation and require immediate professional treatment!

When it comes to crushing someone else’s throat, as crazy it may sound, the case may be you would need to provide immediate help to your assailant as well. Or may be you would have to help your friend whose throat has been severely injured in and accident.

To be aware of things you may do right away to prevent death, I invite you to read Crushed Throat Treatment

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