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Crushed Throat Treatment

Even though every possible injury should be examined by professional as soon as possible, during street fight, you may not have such a luxury and immediate help from others who are present may be necessary.

If during the fight your assailant’s throat gets broken or the windpipe is crushed … the bad guy has a big chance of choking to death if you won’t help him.

Minor damage

If your opponent is coughing (not gasping) but his airway seems clear and there is no visible damage to the larynx (like the throat pressed inside the neck, strange shaped throat), there should not be any damage that would threaten his life for the current moment.

Perilous damage

When your assailant is unable to breathe in or gasps, sounds hoarse, coughs out blood and has his throat visibly damaged, his throat is cut and there is foamy blood near the injury - it is necessary to secure him immediately.

The basic thing you need to secure is the airway clearance and neck immobility. Call paramedics immediately or tell someone to do so while you provide this first aid.

If the one you are taking care of is unable to breathe at all, it is most likely due a big edema, fracture (something is preventing air to come through) or throat dislocation.

In this case, performing emergency tracheotomy or professional trach-surgery is your only option to prevent the guy from choking to death.


Tracheotomy is a procedure, performed on a person with serious throat obstructions preventing him from breathing – i.e. is in danger of suffocation.

The common knowledge says that you shouldn’t perform the tracheotomy before you try to get rid of the obstruction with Heimlich maneuver couple times, but since the damage I am talking about here has been done by hitting the throat and not by some stuck piece of potato, let’s go straight to the tracheotomy procedure.

It is basically a way of sidetracking the air that would normally come through mouth by making a small opening cut in the lower parts of the throat.

Make sure you have something hollow with you to put in the hole which you create in the throat. Things like a straw or alike will do perfectly.

If nothing like this is within your reach, you can just put in your finger (leaving some space for the air to circulate); just to make sure the hole will not close.

Don’t you worry about the cleanness; antibiotics will take care of it. You have to make sure the guy will survive until doctors arrive.

This video is not made by me, but it will give you the clue... be sure to check it out.


Tracheotomy procedure

First, there is an indentation between the Adam’s apple and the cricoid cartilage. Locate it by touch. That’s the spot where you’ll be cutting.

Make about a half-inch horizontal cut. The depth should be around one inch deep. Use your finger to open the hole you just made a little, preventing it from closure.

Don’t worry, there shouldn’t be much blood.

If you happen to have a straw or something similar with you, place it in the incision. No less and not more than one inch deep. (No straw around? Take it easy; just keep your finger in.)

Blow two quick breaths in the tube you inserted in the throat and then one breath every five seconds. You should see the chest rise up a little as you blow in.

If your patient was unconscious, this will help him regain consciousness and breathe on his own.

This is just a temporary precaution. Get help as soon as possible to prevent any possible ill luck. This is a very serious surgical concern.

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