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Chin Jab

Chin Jab is a powerful World War 2, extreme close quarter combat technique that has been used to take the bad guys off from their boots. It has been tested in a heat of a raging war and gained its place in the street fight arsenal of many people. Let’s see how Chin Jab would do for you.

Chin Jab gained its glory in the heat of the 2nd World War when the father of modern self defense, William Ewart Fairbairn and Anthony Eric Sykes, included it in the arsenal of the WW2 Commandos and other special units like SIS.

Understand that back then, boxing was out of the question, because the soldiers wore helmets, so Fairbairn had to come up with a proper solution – and Chin Jab worked perfectly.


Take a look at this video with W. E. Fairbairn teaching the Chin Jab tactics to the masked soldiers.

As you could see, Chin Jab is designed to attack an opponent’s head from bellow in an upward straight motion.

This technique uses your weight and momentum with a proper amount of body rotation to put an assailant off balance - thus making him vulnerable for following attacks; possibly sending him to the ground.

Get tough, get down in the gutter, win at all costs... I teach what is called ‘Gutter Fighting.’ There’s no fair play, no rules except one: kill or be killed
- W. E. Fairbairn

Chin Jab was mainly designed not to hurt the assailant, but to smash him to the ground, so he can be finished off with heavy stomps and kicks to the chest and head.

Fast, brutal and EFFECTIVE.


How to Chin jab

To see how it is done and how to train it, you can watch these videos filmed by renowned specialist Carl Cestari.

Notice that coach Cestari executes the Chin Jab from really close distance while holding the guy.

The grab is important so the bad guy won’t enlarge the distance after being hit, and to secure the rotating motion in his waist to deliver him better to the ground.

This is an Extreme Close Quarters technique which needs your assailant to be really close, which means you would probably use this technique when the attacker gets to you surprisingly or too aggressively … OR when YOU let him come close enough.

  • Be sure to watch the videos couple times to get full understanding of this combat move.
  • Train on pads and then slowly on a training partner to understand the mechanics behind Chin Jab.
  • When would you use the Chin Jab?

When you practice, find your own combinations and follow up with strikes, that suite your fighting style and your body abilities the most.

After the Chin jab, I like to go for the eyes or face rake and while my hand is in a downward motion, I rotate in my shoulder and drop down on my opponent with the barrage of hammer fists or couple of elbows.

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