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Hello! My name is Josef Prochazka and this is my site about reality based self defense.

Josef Prochazka - Coaching

I made this web for you guys out there. For the ones who share the same interest with me, and many others. The interest about being able to protect yourself from the violence happening on our streets. To have the means to learn the necessary skills to keep yourselves and potentially others from harm.

Could be - I am making this website for myself. May be because I am an instructor and as far as I consider the things I know and things I have been taught as "NOT BULLSHIT", and I simply want to share it with others.

We are living in confusing world full of envy, jealousy, violence and brutality. People walk around each other selfishly and carelessly. Living their own lives, trying to survive another day.

Here on, I want to show you how to handle those violent days and how to defend yourself and the ones you love and protect, be it a common street fight, an ambush, dealing with multiple assailants, making an improvised weapon for your defense and fight with it name it. I will try to cover it all.

However, stay relaxed...

The way I understand this - everyone is his or her own style and arsenal architect and thus should take, try and determine what works for them personally. We are all individuals and within such a sensitive theme as reality based self defense is, everyone should pursue their own goals in their own development plan. No sh*t should be taken. And definitely not from me.

Thereby - I want you to acknowledge that what I present here on this website are my experiences, opinions and my beliefs. When it comes to techniques, tactics and strategies - it is all what "I" like, what "I" train and what works for "me". And what works for me, doesn't have to work for you.

So listen and read if you like, think about the information you gained, pressure test it during your trainings and use your common sense to assess the value it adds to "you".

Keep that in mind - train hard and train smart - believe in yourself!

My credentials

I started training reality based self defense in 2004, so... that is about 15 years from now. Previously I was doing some martial arts training, but most of the time I spent at the shooting range, as I am also a former Czech Republic representative shooter (active in 2000-2010 period, in representation during 2004-2010).

As for the world of self defense, I am currently:

Here are some pictures of me and my coaches, who influenced me the most and to whom I owe for what I know so far:

Me and Coach Tony Blauer (CEO of Blauer Tactical Systems) With Tony Blauer  |  Blauer Tactical Systems
Me and Coach Luke Holloway (MFCEO of Raw Combat International) With Luke Holloway  |  Raw Combat International
Me and Coach Lee Morrison (CEO of Urban Combatives) With Lee Morrison  |  Urban Combatives

Additional statements is able to make money through displayed Google Adsense add banners, The Self Defense Company affiliate banners (their stuff is quite nice, so don't worry) and through resources recommendations by affiliation with Amazon.

All the resources I publish here and write about, along with the materials from The Close Combat Company I do own myself. I have read/viewed them, assessed and decided to publish here on this site, only because they had some kind of positive influence on me personally, on my training and/or on my understanding of certain concepts of Self Protection.

Even though I am a certified coach of certain level under Raw Combat International and Blauer Tactical Systems, and am mentioning Urban Combatives on this website, I am not making any sort of commissions for displaying their videos or texts, nor for linking to their content on their websites.

I made this site out of my own will. Will of other people nor organization was not involved - ever.